Monday, May 30th, 2016

Charity Shopper team complete 4 week tour of South London charity shops


May 2016 saw the Charity Shopper team complete a mammoth tour of over 250 charity shops all over South London. Visiting managers, volunteers and avid charity shoppers, there was to be no doubt in the desire and need for the developments being made by Charity Shopper.

The team enjoyed great hospitality and warmth from all shops and once again saw the clear realisation that charity shopping is certainly not just a one stop shop for people wanting bargain buys, but a hive of community, social action and friendship.

One charity shop manager said, ”We can’t wait to see more people streaming through our doors using the new app! See you at the launch!”

The team visited shops all across South London in a space of a month, ranging from retailers stocking clothing, books, electrical goods, furniture, and even plants.

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