Friday, April 1st, 2016

Charity Shopper – the ultimate charity shopping partner


Charity Shopper App connects millions of charity shoppers to over 10K charity shops at the click of a button, increasing value through visibility, footfall and turnover to over 10,000 Charity retail outlets across the UK.

Charity Shopper is revolutionising the charity shopping experience and is proud to be connecting over 30m charity shoppers to over 10,000 charity shops in the UK.

Find charity shops: Accurately locate and donate to over 10,000 charity shops all over the UK at the click of a button, whilst also receiving updates of new shops where you are!

Sector specific search: Save time on shopping when you need to locate or donate specific items, by getting to the shops you want first time, all over the UK.

Join the community: Become part of the growing CharityShopper community, on the one platform and brand trusted by all the largest charity retailers.

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